Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Milky Way over Ocracoke

Tom and I drove 3 and-a-half, plus a 2 and-a-half hour ferry to reach Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks of NC.  After some seafood and sunset over the harbor, we headed out to the beach to capture the night sky

The Milky Way over Ocracoke Island, NC
We also met a family launching asian sky lanterns to celebrate their son heading off to Allegheny College.

We spent several more hours capturing 450 images for a time lapse movie - stay tuned for more....


  1. Great photo of the Milky Way! I write a daily blog about Ocracoke ( and am planning a post about the night sky (with a link to this recent article about Ocracoke: I am wondering if I may have permission to use your first photo, above, with credit to you, of course, and with a link to your blog. You can reply to me at piphoward at Sincerely, Philip Howard

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Phillip - and I'm glad the photo helped communicate to your readers how stunning the view is from Ocracoke.

  3. Where was this taken on the beach, and what is that structure?

  4. Justin - per my recollection this was called "Lifeguard beach". The first beach on your right with the parking lot as you head north out of town. The structure is the first lifeguard stand you see as you enter this beach, shot's facing SSW.