Saturday, October 11, 2014

Our New and Improved Blog!!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Un petit weekend en Londres

Taking the Eurostar line from Paris to London was very efficient - only 4 hours from my apartment to Scott and Elise's flat.

Last meal in Paris


CraigAt the Air France lounge - putting US domestic service to shame. Some salade de poulet, tomato gaspacho, mini pancakes and a macaron of course!


Celebrating the impending US win over Portugal, which then became a draw. The Moose, a Canadian Bar on the left bank welcomed a packed house of their southern cousins. Great to meet you Matt and Shane! USA, si se puede!!

My commute home

Along the hip and historic Rue de Lappe

Scott, Elise, Liam and Elliot

Scott and Elise were wonderful hosts for my brief visit. I finally had the chance to meet Liam and Elliot - and the 4 of us had a fantastic time relaxing at their new place in Battersea, touring the historic sights downtown and hitting the town for some amazing fish n' chips, live music and more world cup soccer! Thanks again!

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